The Mind Key Anthologies

Art is the window to the soul.

You’re an artist, a writer, a visionary. You understand that life is a complex and beautiful blend of light and dark, and you see not only the vastness of human potential, but our power in the here and now.

The Mind Key Project is seeking evolutionary art like yours for publication in our next anthology: Tempest: Life Upturned.

These full color coffee-table style anthologies are sold online, at trade shows and festivals, and across a variety of unique channels including health food stores, yoga studios, restaurants and anywhere people seek their most genuine self. They make a great gift for anyone who loves the unique and exquisite. 

See images from the books below, or CLICK HERE for snippets and reviews from the latest edition, Yin and Yang

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Tempest is now open for submissions!
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of Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance 

Art and writing exploring the dichotomy of the human experience and the duality that keeps the world turning


At this time the following images are not final versions, have NOT been copy edited, and may be deleted or altered prior to publication. Instead, they are meant to give a flavor for what the interior of the book will look like.

The Mind Key Project: An Anthology


Art and writing to inspire and and encourage passion and zest for life

"The Mind Key Project: An Anthology" is a collection of works from artists and writers who have discovered their passion and want to inspire you to do the same.

From discovering the magic of faeries, to finding time to do the extraordinary amid the mundane of the everyday, these talented individuals are bridging the gap between passion and health, healing the epidemic of human disconnect one individual at a time.

This fabulous book retails at $39, but we are offering great discounts for this, our first anthology, on Yin and Yang's Kickstarter page. Or email to get a bulk discount.

Know yourself.  Love what you do.

"The Mind Key Project: An Anthology" can also be found at Bertoni Gallery in Sugarloaf, NY, Sandy's Bakery and Bookstore in Rochester, VT, and Mystical Elements in Mystic Connecticut. 

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Please enjoy the following images from our flagship anthology